8x Zoom Telescope Lens for Mobile Phone

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Extend your phone's vision

Have you ever been on a vacation and you found a great view and all you have is your phone to take it? Have you felt your phone can't capture the same feeling you felt when you look directly at the scenery with your own eyes because it is too far away? Or have you taken that long-range shots but your image was too blurry because of that zoom? Say goodbye to digital zoom using this 8x Zoom Telescope Lens for Mobile Phone. You can use it on any type of mobile phone with a camera. Just clip it and align it with your phone's camera and take clear long range pictures. Capture that moment with this telephoto lens!


Features of 8x Zoom Telescope Lens for Mobile Phone:

  • Not Sold in Stores
  • 8 Times Zoom
  • Lenscope can be used as a Monocular
  • Fit Most Mobile Phones
  • Easy-to-use Clip On Technology
  • Quality of Imaging Improved Evidently
  • Watch Games and Concerts
  • Observe Animals and People from afar
  • Long-distance shooting