CAMFUN™ Kids Digital Camera

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CamFun™ is a high-quality camera specially designed for kids to enjoy the fun of photography with simple to operate functions! Unleash the young photographer within your child to experience a fun and memorable time!

Research has proven that photography is an enjoyable and beneficial hobby that inspires imagination, nurture creativity and stimulate critical thinking skills at a young age.

CamFun™ Benefits:

✔️ A developmental toy that cultivates your child's interest in photography and inspires imagination.

✔️ Challenge the child to see things from a different perspective in life which stimulates the left brain to unleash his/her creativity at a young age

✔️ 8 Megapixel camera - High-quality images that ensure documentation of every precious moment captured 

✔️ Record HD Video to document all exciting adventures

✔️ Anti-shock body to survive an accidental drop - 100% child-friendly

✔️ Special Pre-Holiday Promotion: FREE 8GB Micro SD Card - Holds more than 4,500 photos!

✔️ Plug to a computer via USB (provided) to export and print photos  within seconds

✔️ Easy-to-press button - allow kids from age 3-12 to take photos easily without any adult assistance

CamFun ™ is a developmental toy that will create a lasting impact on a child's creative development through a fun and meaningful activity. It is uniquely designed to ensure that it fits their tiny hand perfectly and rubberized body to prevent them from losing grip easily. It makes a perfect companion that your child will enjoy growing up in the coming years.