PowerWallet™ Portable Power Bank and Wallet

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Power up your wallet!

Ever had the batteries of your devices run out in the middle of nowhere? Don't want to carry around your power bank because it is clunky and heavy. You can now always be prepared for those situations with something that you bring with you every time and everywhere, your wallet.

The E-Charge Wallet Portable Power Bank is very lightweight unlike your old power bank and thinner compared to your regular leather wallet with the same amount of cash and card storage. Unique accordion design organizes your cash and card for you. It works on all of your USB powered devices and protects your cards from being stolen using RFID readers.

Functions of E-Charge Wallet Portable Power Bank:

  • Very lightweight unlike your regular power bank
  • Thinner than your regular wallet when filled with the same cash and cards storage
  • Unique Accordion Design
  • High-capacity rechargeable Power Pack
  • Works on all of your USB Powered devices
  • Withstand extreme heat and frigid cold
  • Protects your credit card from being stolen by RFID readers