Lipztick™ Facial Hair Trimmer

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The fashionable shaving companion 

Hairs grow naturally but sometimes they grow in unwanted areas of the body. Unwanted hairs can be easily managed by shaving but it is not perfect. Sometimes, shaving is uncomfortable.


The Lipztick™ Facial Hair Trimmer is the perfect shaving companion. It solves the unwanted hair problems. It can be used to shave the face, neck, leg, or any unwanted hairs. Its built-in light can help make sure no hair is left behind. Very easy to use and gentle on the skin. Small and portable and It is designed like a fashionable lipstick so it will fit nicely together with any makeup kit or bag. Now, shaving can be painless and easy!


Features of Lipztick™ Facial Hair Trimmer:


  • Remove unwanted facial and body hair.
  • Built-in light for better visual of the shaving area.
  • Very easy to handle and use.
  • Gentle on the skin. Perfect for everyday use.
  • Small and portable. Easily fits in any bag.
  • Cuts closely giving you smooth skin after shaving.