Keymera™ Mini Spy Camera

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Smallest Keychain Camera

Do you want to keep a record of your travel but your camera is too big for you to carry around? Or do you want to protect your home by making sure you have evidence when crimes happen? Keymera™ Mini Spy Camera is perfect for you!


With the Keymera™ Mini Spy Camera, you will never need to carry your bulky video recorder ever again! It is very portable, lightweight, and smaller than your hands. It has great design and looks like a mini DSLR camera. Perfect while traveling. It supports MicroSD cards so you can conveniently use your current memory card from your other devices. Great video quality in a small package. Also perfect for protecting your home. Burglars won't see or even suspect that they are being recorded. 

Hang your Keymera™ Mini Spy Camera like a keychain and go wherever you go!

Features of Keymera™ Mini Spy Camera:


  • Memory Card Type: MicroSD
  • Supported capacity: max 32 GB
  • One touch recording function
  • Perfect for recording your travels without the burden of carrying your bulky cameras
  • Perfect for protecting your home. Record everything even when you are away
  • Beautiful design. Looks like a mini DSLR camera
  • Can be attached to pets to experience what they do throughout the day