Neck Support Massager (Magnetic Therapy) BUY 1, TAKE 1!

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The functional principle of Magnetic protective gear:
Magnetic therapy is the use of artificial magnetic field in the body's acupoint, meridians & collateral. No side effects. Safe and reliable.
The tourmaline protector series can soothe meridians & collateral and massage acupoint with the heat spell of nano material contacting with the skin and the embedded magnet. It can not cure our disease, but Magnetic therapy can increase blood flow and magnetic heating effect helping to relax muscles and reduces fatigue.
1.Put the protective moxibustion on the hot moxibustion surface (when you can use warm water in winter) to moisten it (to get better results), and then directly attach the skin to the health care part. The closer the application is, the better the effect.
2. Use twice a day for about 3 hours each time. It is not suitable for wearing except for sleeping. You can also adjust the wearing time and frequency according to your own situation.
1) Pregnant women and children please do not use this product.
2) Please stop using if you have a high fever or damaged skin.
3) Not recommended for people with skin allergies or skin temperature sensory disturbance.
4) Patients with acute soft tissue impairment, please don't use.
5) Please use with caution under the guidance of doctors:. Patients with serious trauma, high blood pressure or any other disease.
6) Prohibit use! People who fitted with a heart pacemaker or metal stents and other electronic devices inside body.
Maintenance instruction:
1) Keep in a dry ventilated place.
2) Keep away from direct sunshine.
3) Avoid using detergent (powder)
4) Avoid ironing.
5) Do not immerse for a long time.
6) Keep clean.(Clean the surface with a wet cloth and gently rub.)
7) Keep away from ore iodide products & magnetic fields in case of magnetization.