Automatic Clothes Air-Dryer

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Perfectly dry your clothes from inside your house

Tired of waiting for all your clothes to dry outside? And when it is raining, do your clothes get bad odors from drying inside? How about raining without warning? Your clothes get wet all over again! Time for a change! Automatic Clothes Air-Dryer will save your day! No more mess from the clothes hanging around your house while waiting for it to dry. It works better than your regular spin dryer.  Portable Clothes Dryer does do not damage or shrink your clothes. Very easy to use. Just hang it inside Automatic Clothes Air-Dryer and watch your clothes dry in just minutes. It also helps remove wrinkles from your clothes so you can wear it straight from Automatic Clothes Air-Dryer. It is perfect for all types of clothes even your most delicate clothes. It uses gentle blow dry convection technology, so you will never have to worry about damaging your clothes. You can even use it on shoes including your leather shoes! It can easily be folded and will take very little space to store so it is perfect for small home or apartments. Can fit most bags and can also be carried around! Say goodbye to your old spin dryer! Protect your clothes while drying it quickly. Automatic Clothes Air-Dryer your clothes now!

Features of  Portable Clothes Dryer:

  • Quick and easy way to dry your clothes. Dries clothes in minutes.
  • Takes very little space and very portable
  • Won't shrink or damage your clothes
  • Prevents bad odors when indoor drying
  • Removes wrinkles from your clothes while drying so you can wear it straight from the dryer.
  • Gentle blow dry convection perfect for your most delicate clothes