RotoAction™ Premium Sweeper

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RotoAction™ Premium Sweeper

Having trouble bending when using your traditional broom? With the Rotating Hard Floor Sweeper, you do not have to bend, you only need to push forward! Easy to use and makes a great gift for our parents and elderly.

 Perfect Gift for Loved Ones
 USA Designed
 Ideal for any types of Floor
 No more Bending and Backpains.
 Adjustable Handle
 Works without Electricity
 No additional bills to pay!
 No Cord or Bags
 Cleans any Types of Dirts
 Easy-empty-door™ technology
 Durable ABS Material and Stainless Steel

  • Hand-push Sweeping Device: A new generation of cleaning products, easy to operate and 360-degree steering, dust range throughout every corner of the home.
  • Fine Stainless SteelFine stainless steel tube, comfortable grip! Handle made of high-strength stainless steel connection, the length can be adjusted, do not bend over, save time, effort.
  • No Electricity? No Problem: The device does not need any power supply, it is energy-saving and environment-friendly. This broom is designed for the family.
  • Premium Product: Easy one-touch button when you’re ready to empty the contents. The broom works on all flat surfaces. When sweeping use a gentle forward, downward push, no side to side motion necessary, the brushes cover the 360 for you.