Self Clean & Dry Microfiber Mop

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Microfiber Mop Features:

  • Save time with the self-cleaning bucket
  • Absorbs dirt and fluid on any surface 
  • 360 rotatable angle for hard to reach areas
  • No more struggle with wringing the mop head

If you're someone who simply likes a squeaky-clean house with less effort, this mop will make your cleaning life much easier.

Self-Wash & Quick-Dry Features

No more back pain and mess with manually wringing out your mop head. It comes with a dual chamber bucket with a revolutionary self-cleaning system that makes it easy to wash and dry your mop.

Strong Absorption Microfiber Pads

The microfiber mop pads are completely safe to use on all floor surface like hardwood, tile, laminate and even concrete floors. It is also very effective in removing all sorts of dirt, grime, and pet hair.

Easily Cleans Corners & Tight Spaces

The 360 rotating mop head is smartly designed to clean into hard to reach corners. It is flat enough to fit under your furniture and any tight spaces. Plus the telescopic pole is made with strong quality steel to ensure that it will last under heavy use.

Store & Reuse Easily

It’s super easy to clean up. Just unplug the bucket drainage and pull the mop pad off and you’re done. Plus, it’s always ready for the next use since it comes with spare mop pads whenever the previous one is in the washer.


  • Dust push type: clamped
  • Mop rod material: stainless steel
  • Splint size: about 12*33CM/4.72*12.99in
  • Dehydration rate: 80%-90%
  • Retractable length: About 60-124CM/23.62-48.82in

📌Open the bucket lid, fill the wash side.
📌Insert the mop vertically up and down.
📌Open the lid from the side after use.
📌Pour out the dirty water by dragging out the rubber plug.
📌Put the lid back on top of the mop.


How do you empty the water in the bucket?
👉You remove the lid and simply empty the bucket.
Can I use it for dry surfaces?
👉Yes, you can use wet for deep cleaning or use a dry one to dust floors, ceilings, windows, and other surfaces.
Does it include microfiber pads?
👉Yes, you will receive 4 replaceable microfiber mop pads.