Sunflower Switched Necklace (LIMITED TIME OFFER 70% OFF!)

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Want to give special for your love? 

Sunflower Switched Necklace inspired by the song of "You are my sunshine".  It is a dynamic necklace that the pendant can switch on to show sweet words to someone you love

Also, it can conceal the sentence, to make a surprise for him or her. Perfect for everyday wear will make you charmer and interesting, beautiful and attractive!

🌻 Exquisite Carving Design
This sunflower locket necklace comes with exquisite hand-engraving and antique gold design, which is completely in line with memory style, elegant and
🌻Smooth and Comfortable wear
This vintage sunflower pendant is made of high-quality material and exquisite craftsmanship, which is smooth and comfortable to wear for a long time without fading.
🌻Perfectly matched clothing
This hand-carved ladies' sunflower pendant can be well-matched with different styles of clothing, suitable for daily, work or party wear.
🌻 Excised to See Hidden Message
The necklace is a locket, can open at your hand. Hidden Message "You are my sunshine" falls out from sunflower locket necklace, making a simple but interesting statement.
🌻 Fully-Adjustable
Every necklace comes complete with an adjustable chain for ideal length and comfort between 48cm - 53cm (17.5in + 19.4in). Easy to adjust the chain, perfect for any person or occasion, and comfortable for long hours of wear.

How to Take Care of Your Necklace:

😍 Your necklace will last longer if you correctly care for your jewelry. Avoid contact with water and chemicals; Avoid heavy exercise! Do not wear them in hot tubs or swimming pools. Storing in a dry place with a soft cloth, or put in a jewelry box. 😍


  • Switching idea
    Switch on the pendant to show someone you love!
    • High Polishing
      Fine polishing technique but delicate flower shapes
    • Anti-rust and Allergy-free
      Made of high-quality alloy, nickel-free, and toxic-free
    • Easy to Dress
      Make your day by being a spotlight even you are just wearing casual wear
    • Sweet gift
      Best gift for Anniversary Day, Valentines Day and Birthday for Mom, daughter, girlfriend, wife, friends

      • Material: Alloy
      • Pendant diameter: 2cm
      • Weight: 30g


      • 1 x Sunflower Switched Necklace


      Does it open up randomly or does it have some kind of latch to keep it shut?
      🔸 You use hand power to open or close it, don't have any kind of latch.
      How to clean it?
      🔸 The necklace is easy to clean and care for. Wipe clean with a soft cloth and store in a dry place or jewelry box.
      Is it adjustable?
      🔸 Yes, you can adjust the chain for maximum comfort and style.
      Is its anti-rust?
      🔸 Yes, our Sunflower Switched Necklace is made of high-quality alloy, nickel-free, and toxic-free. Wear it as long as you like without the itch, skin stains, and harmful reactions of cheap metals.